Bumpy Knuckles & Big Daddy Kane Scorch Mics Over An Oddisee Beat (Audio)

For Heads paying attention, Bumpy Knuckles’ Soundcloud page is the place to be. The Long Island, New York MC/producer regularly shares gems from his 29 years of catalog.

From circa the mid-2000s, Freddie Foxxx shares a track (“The Fires Gettin’ High”) he made with his longtime friend Big Daddy Kane. “This was not some email collab, this joint was me and Kane in the lab building a pattern and doing it the way we used to do it back in the days,” writes Bump on the page. Notably, the song is produced by Oddisee, years before the Diamond District was runnin’ year-end lists, and his solo albums were grabbing international attention.


Throughout the ages, Bumpy Knuckles runs with the best of ’em in Hip-Hop. Coming into his MCA Records deal as an affiliate of Eric B. & Rakim, the O.G. shared mics with KRS-One, Kool G Rap, Nas, 2Pac, Chuck D, Treach, and of course Guru.

The synergy shows in this record, with two iconic MCs doing exactly what they’ve always done. Bumpy & KRS made a 2011 album (Royalty Check) together, how would a Kane-Foxxx one-two punch play?

Photo provided by Foxxx’s (who just celebrated a birthday this week) Instagram.

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