Celebrate Above The Law’s 25-Year Anniversary With This Killer Mixtape (Audio)

It’s been 25 years since Above The Law, the group comprised of Cold187um, Laylaw, the late KMG, Go Mack and DJ Total K-Oss, released their debut album, Livin’ Like Hustlers, on Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records. This Thursday (March 26) will also mark 20 years since Eazy-E’s death. In honor of these occasions, Jérôme “Tacteel” Echenoz and The Genevan Heathen have put together a 44-track mixtape paying tribute to Above The Law.

The group, which also worked closely with N.W.A., released four albums on Ruthless Records between 1990-1994, signing with Tommy Boy Records shortly after Eazy passed away. Though the group did not garner the same kind of mainstream attention as some of their Ruthless counterparts, one listen to this mix reveals the lasting impact they had on West Coast and Gangsta Rap.

Check out the entire tribute mixtape below:

The full track list was posted by ego trip! here.

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