dead prez, Juvenile & Trick Daddy May Seem Like An Unlikely Team, But They Are Survivalists (Audio)

DJ EFN’s been bringing all sorts of worlds together on his Another Time album, which releases tomorrow (March 3). The Miami, Florida-based DJ is fusing generations, styles, and coasts on his Empire-distributed studio LP. “Survival” is no exception.

EFN orchestrates a team of Juvenile and Dade County’s own Trick Daddy, two veteran southern MCs known for making truck-rattling club hits, and street-certified records to boot. He adds dead prez, who have longstanding ties to the Sunshine State, and are a fellow act that enjoyed major label success, before transitioning until a successful independent run. These four MCs work well together, and show walls within the Rap genre are shorter than they may seem.

In the Let’s Get Free era, could you have ever imagined M1 and working with Trick and Juvy?

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