Kendrick Lamar’s Full Biggie Freestyle Tribute is 7 Minutes of Madness Over 4 Biggie Classics (Video)

Yesterday (March 9th), iconic LA DJ Big Boy hosted Kendrick Lamar as his first guest on his new show on Real 92.3 FM. Given the anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G.’s passing, Big Boy had Kendrick freestyle over some of Biggie’s classic tracks and released a snippet.

Now, the full interview with Kendrick has been released and it features nearly seven minutes of Kendrick blacking out over four Biggie Songs–“Warning,” “Respect,” “The What,” and “Kick in the Door” (starting at 11:50).

Kendrick and Big Boy also have a fifteen minute conversation book ending the freestyle. Their camaraderie is evident as a good deal of the interaction is light-hearted and filled with good-natured ribbing. Kendrick touches a bit on his new album, upcoming projects from Jay Rock and Isaiah Rashad, his current hair style and much more. Check out the video.

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