Flashback To Hot 97’s Very First Episode of Juan Epstein With Rosenberg & Cipha Sounds (Audio)

Due to the inclement, snowy weather in New York, Peter Rosenberg had to reschedule an episode of Juan Epstein that they had originally planned for, but fear not. Rosenberg decided to dig into his vault and reintroduce to the listening world, the first ever recorded podcast of Juan Epstein with Rosenberg himself and his former Hot 97 counterpart, Cipha Sounds.

The two Heads take baby steps to begin their introduction to the world wide web, with Cipha admitting early that he has literally no idea what a podcast is, further stating, “I’m not really good at that internet thing,” (3:00).

In between awkward moments getting used to their surroundings and bumping into their microphones, the two get to know each other in depth and in real time with talk about everything from their upbringing, sports, New York Hip-Hop, movies, women, religion, and wondering why anybody would ever want to listen to their podcast in the first place.

Whether you’re a new or old listener of Juan Epstein, take a few moments to listen and reminisce or observe their internet introduction for the first time.

Would you listen to Episode 2 after this one?

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