Ludacris Says Don’t Get It Confused, He Keeps It Realer Than Most Rappers (Video)

Although Heads are only learning it weeks before the album, Ludaversal (March 31) appears to be Ludacris’ stripped down album. Like the 22 year-old “daily driver” Acura on the album cover, Ludacris seems to be all about being himself on his ninth Def Jam Records effort.

Yesterday (March 24), Heads heard “Charge It To The Rap Game,” whereby the multi-platinum veteran actor looks back at his mistakes in the journey, and really showed a vulnerability and sense of guilt not typically associated with music from the charming household name MC.

Today (March 25), ‘Cris follows with the vid to “Call Ya Bluff.” Never one to be a tough talker on wax, Luda’ can’t help but laugh at some of his peers who talk loud and then hide behind their security and entourages. Even with a new blockbuster film, Furious 7, in theaters alongside his LP, Ludacris takes this SkySense-produced moment to rap his best, and still be a man of the people. The former radio DJ and party promoter still drives his first car, hangs with his friends from the salad days, and isn’t above saying thank you to folks who could be perceived as a threat to some security details.

Never really billed as an artistically-aimed LP, could Ludaversal be something special amidst a month of well-received, high-profile Rap albums?

In other news, Ludacris upset First Round Bye T.I. in Ambrosia For Heads’ “Finding The GOAT…” bracket series. Later this month, Luda’ will appear in a Round 3 ballot, among the Top 42 MCs spanning the history of Hip-Hop. Will he advance further? Only you can decide…

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