MC Eiht, Blu & Kam Come Together To Throw A Lyrical ‘W’ (Audio)

Growing up in the same backdrop of Los Angeles, California, MC Eiht, Kam, and Blu all illustrated the dichotomy of being a wordsmith and a gangsta rapper at the same time. For Eiht, those examples stem back to the mid-1980s in the rise of Comptons Most Wanted, reporting live about crooked cops and predatory streets. Onetime Ice Cube protege (and cousin), Kam, called for a gang peace treaty on albums like Neva Again and Made In America, while still urging neighborhoods to enforce the law enforcement. Blu, not traditionally viewed at as an artist of the streets, has showed his range and influence most recently on last year’s Good To Be Home.

For DJ EFN’s Another Time, the three MCs link up (Kam and Eiht are already band mates in Warzone) on “South-West.” As if the initial album highlight were not enough, New Jersey’s K-Def (LL Cool J, Lords Of The Underground) throws down a second remix on this album, which only gives the verses and the Crazy Hood original another worthy look.

ego trip! premiered this one, with a worthy interview to match.

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