Michael Jordan Is Now A Billionaire. If Only We Could Be Like Mike…

Two hundred and ninety billionaires are reported to have joined the elite club in the last year, according to a new report from Forbes magazine. One of those tycoons is six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan.


MJ made a reported $90 million alone from his Air Jordan Nike-backed brand between 2013 and 2014. Additionally, the Brooklyn, New York-born sports icon owns the revived Charlotte Hornets franchise, the stated source of most of his earnings. He is also a longtime spokesman for Gatorade, Upper Deck and Hanes. Also in his portfolio, a fragrance brand and five restaurants. A recent Associated Press story stated that Jordan makes more from endorsements alone in 2015 than he ever made as an NBA player.

The 52 year-old played between 1984 and 2003, taking some time off in between, and even pursued acting, professional baseball, and won two Olympic gold medals.

Besides NBA franchises, Jordan’s interests include gambling, golf, and exotic cars.

His Airness joins Dr. Dre in the billionaire boy’s club—which is all but confirmed—following last year’s Beats (By Dr. Dre) Electronics buy-out by Apple. Back in summer 1991, when the Chicago Bulls won their first championship, and Dre finished up Niggaz4Life, would you have ever imagined these two would be among the roughly 1,800 billionaires on earth?

Read the entire Forbes annual billionaire report.

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