Ras Kass Meets DJ Premier’s Bars In The Booth With Those Classic Snaps & Punchlines (Video)

Since the very beginning, Ras Kass has had no fear with his verses. The Southern California MC loves a good joke at a peer’s expense, whether it’s Lil’ Kim, Seal, or even Prince, and it’s what’s made the confident and cocky lyricist so punchy. Those good ol’ jabs are at play as a physically animated Razzy Kazzy crosses paths with his “Goldyn Chyld” collaborator DJ Premier in the latest “Bars In The Booth.”

With hard drums hittin’ the monitors at HeadQCourterz’ Studio B, Ras Kass comes through with some really clever verbs and nouns, all stressing that he’s supreme in the game. Your favorite rapper sliced up in a pita pocket, wack rappers giving their mom Ebola, and a Young Thug impersonation are just some of the freestyle highlights, as Ras Kass and Preem’s check-in rings bells, and has those barbed bars that incite laughter and head nods.

As a reminder, DJ Premier’s Premier Wuz Here online store has a completely expanded merchandise section, featuring official Gang Starr clothing, Works Of Mart merch, and even some Pete Rock-related goodies. Ras Kass & Apollo Brown’s Blasphemy also beckons attention, if you didn’t already know.

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