Remy Ma Takes Beats But No Prisoners on Her Truffle Butter Freestyle (Audio)

Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj are cool in real life, but on wax? Remy takes no prisoners. She does take beats, though, and for her latest she jack’s Ms. Minaj’s red hot Nineteen-85-produced “Truffle Butter” track. Remy the Ruler wastes no time serving notice to ALL of her peers, saying she hasn’t “met a rapper chick yet that ain’t scared of [her]” and that others talk tough but she “really did a sentence.”

It’s been more than 18 months since Remy’s release from prison and fans have been clamoring for her album. She addresses the demand on the song, saying “in a minute” because she’s too busy bodying “b*tches records.” It’s unclear whether Remy does indeed have some specific targets in mind or if it’s all just for the sport. Regardless, this is one of her strongest releases since her return. Check it out.

remy ma truffle butter

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