Sky’s The Limit When Kendrick Lamar Crushes A Freestyle Over Notorious B.I.G. Beats (Audio)

Kendrick Lamar verses can perform miracles. It’s easy to imagine The Notorious B.I.G. smiling big, 18 years to the day after he physically left the world, as Kendrick Lamar touches some of the same kicks and snares he helped make famous.

Appearing on opening day of Big Boy’s Neighborhood on the revived classic Southern California radio frequency, 92.3, K-Dot gives Big Boy his very best (as always). The Top Dawg Entertainment superstar gets politically gangsta, as he blurs the lines between parties, gangs, and Washington D.C. landmarks against those of South Central L.A.

Whether “DemoCrip,” Democrat, “ReBloodlican,” Republican, or independent, all sides of the universe appear on the edge of their seats as Kendrick plans an album for later this month. March 23 may have giant consequences.

Kendrick Lamar enters Round 3 of Ambrosia For Heads’ “Finding The GOAT” series, after defeating elder statesman Royce Da 5’9″ in a close Round 2 showdown (and beating a Childish Gambino landslide the previous round).

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