The Rich History of Latino Contributions to Hip-Hop Are Detailed in a New Audio Documentary (Video)

For some, the knowledge of Latinos’ impact on Hip-Hop does not go much deeper than the catalogs of Fat Joe and Big Pun. However, the contribution made by Latinos to the culture is extensive and embedded in the foundation of Hip-Hop.

NPR’s Latino USA has put together a two-part audio documentary called The Latino History of Hip-Hop, which explores the oft-overlooked critical role played particularly by people of Puerto Rican and Mexican descent as Hip-Hop was germinating in the 70s and early 80s. Blacks and Latinos lived side by side in the quarters of the Bronx, NY where the culture was burgeoning at the time. The documentary chronicles the stories of key Latino players in breakin’, graffiti and other elements of Hip-Hop.

The Latino History of Hip-Hop premieres on March 20 on Latino USA. Here’s a look at the trailer.

Props on the spot: Latino Rebels

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