Tink Reworks A Biggie Favorite With A Timbaland Beat & Big Budget Visual (Video)

Tink has been an eye and ear-grabbing sensation in R&B/Pop for nearly a year. Timbaland’s singing pupils rival, if not eclipse some of his Rap proteges over the last 20 years. Tink is a bit of both, delivering an amalgam of genres, attitudes, and styles in one dynamic musical package.

Following some poignant commentary about the murders in Chicago, and Mike Brown’s murder in Ferguson, Missouri, “Ratchet Commandments” may not be as high-brow. The song takes The Notorious B.I.G. and DJ Premier’s Life After Death standout and applies it to women makin’ all the wrong moves. From social media posturing to misspending the rent money, Tink offers up advice on how to never become the butt of a joke, or labeled as a ratchet. In the presentation, Tink raps, she scats, and she sings—while Timbaland stands on in the Dave Meyers-directed video.

Seasoned MTV/BET Heads know Meyers, a carryover from the ’90s/early 2000s big budget video days, and while the placement for “Ratchet Commandments” is unclear, this effort certainly seems to have gotten lots of attention and resources.

When Biggie made “10 Crack Commandments,” Chuck D was upset at the use of his voice in the scratch-chorus to describe hustling. Will B.I.G. Heads be upset that a classic from the late icon, be touched for something so 2010s? Does Tink have staying power in your estimation?

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