Wale & Jerry Seinfeld Chat About Nothing…Or The Significance Of White Sneakers (Video)

After acclaimed mixtapes, Wale’s first “Seinfeld”-inspired LP, Album About Nothing is less than one week away (March 31). The comedian behind the hit 1990s NBC sitcom, Jerry Seinfeld, has been in Wale’s corner the last year, after the two met way back. In concept, “album about nothing” pulls from the ‘show-within-the-show’ storyline of Jerry and George pitching, well…a show about nothing.

The TV classic program brandishes its lack of storyline or plot (which arguably changed in later seasons), and rather basked in observational comedy about regular, everyday interactions and social conventions. In practice, Jerry and Wale hang in the studio—where the Maybach Music Group veteran promises a Grammy Award to the comedy juggernaut. The two discuss “white shoes,” a style trademark of Jerry Seinfeld in real life, and on the show. Wale seems to have taken the image and built a song (“The White Shoes”) around it. Seinfeld explains how Bill Cosby and then-New York Jets star Quarterback Joe Namath influenced his own decision, along with an effort to celebrate his youth.

What do you think “Seinfeld” co-creator Larry David thinks of Album About Nothing?

#BonusBeat: Three days earlier, Jerry and Wale waxed poetic about matrimony.

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