Camp Lo’s Futuristic Flows Get A Visual Treatment To Match (Video)

Since the Profile Records, Uptown Saturday Night days, Camp Lo has created this world intersecting the future with the past. Geechie Suede and Sonny Cheeba, as their names have always suggested, are inspired by the 1970s New York City. From slang to album covers to strong cinematic references, these guys are old souls, who blended their experiences in North Carolina with their Bronx days to present art that nobody else could replicate. When they’ve crossed paths with longtime mentor/producer Ski Beatz, the music matches the lyrics, and it’s all heavily stylized.

“Bright Lights” is the latest video single from Ragtimes Hightimes, a futuristic throwback in its own right. Produced entirely by Ski, the Nature Sounds LP builds upon Lo’s brand of innovation. The video, employing neon and black lights enhances this idea. Pepped-up flows, one-of-a-kind lexicons, and lyrical showboating drive the way, as Camp Lo is as colorful as their concept.

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