De La Soul & Nas Are Hip-Hop Gods & Their Collaboration Is Heavenly (Audio)

De La Soul and Nas have been two of the most dependable sources of Hip-Hop music, with nearly 50 years, combined. Crossing paths in one of 2015’s biggest collaborations so far, Posdnous, Dave, Maseo, and Nasir sound incredible together on “God It.”

Presumably the first 2015 public presentation from De La’s crowd-funded next album, this song is a celebration of the status they have earned in the culture. Yet, more than just braggadocio, the song examines the changing of eras, and the possible lack of respect. Three MCs (and one DJ/producer) who came up on promotional wax discuss the digital age, and the confused times when legends are regularly mistaken, and relative peons are stepping to royalty as equals. Part of the verses appear to enjoy the accolades and accomplishments these pillars of Rap music have acquired, while the other half—in De La’s dichotomous way, acknowledge the things that are missing.

Case studies say Hip-Hop is dead, huh, I think I need to taste the puddin’ / Proof in it, God wasn’t kiddin’, when sales went from platinum to wooden.” – Dave

Nas has worked with Beastie Boys, Rakim and KRS-One, and now De La Soul. Which is your favorite outcome?

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