Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late CD Bonus Sounds As If It Belongs (Audio)

Bonus songs are a tricky concept anymore. Firstly, should they be considered or not? In the case of Kurupt’s “Callin’ Out Names,” the angsty outbreak on Rap peers was a defining point to 1999’s Streetz Iz A Mutha. 2Pac’s “Pain,” which was only available on early Above The Rim soundtrack cassette versions, was an integral part of the film’s music, as well as ‘Pac’s attitude in 1994, beyond Thug Life.

In present times, with Best Buy, iTunes, Amazon, and Target exclusives (among others), it’s all the more confusing. Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late is a #1 album, which may prove to be a hallmark of 2015 in music. So with the CD version (April 21) containing two bonus cuts, what are Heads to do?

“My Side,” one such addendum, fits in nicely with IYRTITL. Drizzy serenades an out of town rendezvous, longing for more. The beat, the theme, and the feel…it’s all relevant. So how should this be considered, after the fact?

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