Ghostface Killah, AZ & Kool G Rap Go to Battle in This Comic-Style Visual (Lyric Video)

It’s hard to believe that Ghostface Killah has released two albums in less than four months. Before Sour Soul, it was all about 36 Seasons. The narrative-style G.F.K. effort was an ensemble effort, part fiction, part seemingly fact about a character returning to Staten Island’s Stapleton Projects after nine years on an “up north trip” of sorts.

“The Battlefield” proved to be a stand out on the Tommy Boy Records LP, teaming Ghost’ with AZ and Kool G Rap, some of the MCs he knows from Wu Chamber Music. Three lyrical giants bust loose on the track, with Tre Williams adding some soulful stylings.

To keep the LP hot, Tommy Boy takes the lyrics and put them together in a fitting comic book style presentation that Heads can all dig:

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