Knxwledge Lives Out His Hud Dreems After Producing Rap’s A-List (Audio)

Los Angeles, California-residing producer Knxwledge has been an active member of his city’s eclectic beat/instrumental scene. His distinct method of blending Jazz record, psychadelic riffs and unique rhythms have gained him quite a bit notoriety and Hip-Hop heads may recognize him for his work with noteworthy MCs like Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Blu and more.

Knowledge has just announced solo debut Hud Dreems is set to release May 5 via the esteemed Stones Throw Records. Listen to Jstowee, the mellow first single from the debut and stay tuned for more of the talented beat-maker’s latest work:

Stones Throw played a solid role in the careers of Madlib, Oh No, and Jonwayne. Is Knxwledge next?

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