Lecrae Releases an Explosive Portrayal of America. It Isn’t Pretty (Video)

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If there is any MC to help stimulate an open and honest conversation about the State of the Nation, it’s the conscious and spiritually-minded Lecrae. The Grammy nominated rapper has released the video for “Welcome to America”, the second track off of his commercially successful and critically acclaimed 2014 album, Anomaly. The video is a breath-taking, real life view of the social issues facing many Americans.

Lecrae speaks on behalf of different pockets of the country in each verse. In the first, he takes on the persona of an inner city youth who struggles to find a way to support himself (legally or not), in a system he feels is designed against him. In part two, the MC becomes a US veteran who, after fighting for his country, is wounded physically and spiritually in his return to a country that seemingly is unappreciative of his sacrifice. In the final verse, Lecrae dons the voice of an immigrant who sees America as the home of the brave and land of the free. He arrives believing anything is possible in the country…until he is prohibited from entering.

Lecrae flows passionately and admirably over the S1-produced beat. Check out the video.

What do you think of Lecrae’s depiction of the nation?

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