Logic Squeezes Everything He Possibly Can Out Of This Freestyle Opportunity (Video)

Today’s crop of artists really seem to love the moment. Logic is one of the nouveau stars who—no matter his place on the charts or the magazine covers, still hits the mic like he’s fresh in the door. The Def Jam budding MC hit the BBC’s Fire In The Booth series, and zestfully ripped into Mos Def’s “Mathematics” and The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize.”

What’s especially amazing about the Visionary Music Group break-out is the smiles, the reminders that it’s an impromptu freestyle, and the constant ability to spill who he is into these moments, while still being an unwavering Hip-Hop Head.

Does the 2015 Rap star need to have consistently grabbing freestyles, no matter the medium?

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