Mr. Porter, Rapsody & Scram Jones Celebrate The Sleepers (Video)

Mr. Porter (n/k/a dEnAuN) knows a little something about what Biz Markie called “The Vapors.” The D12 member, Shady Records conduit, and longtime top producer does not get the recognition that matches his accolades. With a few name-changes in his career, he’s anything but a household name, especially considering his open stance to working with MCs across the map, spectrum, and class system within the music industry.

dEnAuN made “Told Y’all” about the sleepers, those folks who may miss all he’s accomplished over the last 15 years, while still carrying the freshness of a brand new artist. Rapsody, who is breaking through new levels lately, is a veteran MC who can absolutely relate to Porter’s message. Scram Jones, a Source magazine “Unsigned Hype” more than a decade ago, often getting treated as a new MC/producer/DJ completes the bill. Denaun Porter, Rapsody, and Scram Jones celebrate the slow-learners and dumbfounded gatekeepers in this video from Stuff In My Backpack, coming May 7.

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