Rapsody Breaks The Backboard With A Freestyle, After Discussing Race & Complexion (Videos)

Rapsody continues to garner strong attention over the last month. Since appearing on “Complexion” from Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly, the Jamla Records veteran (of sorts) has a story that everyone is curious about.

Rap’ appeared on HOT 97’s Ebro In The Morning this week, to speak with E, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez. Interviewed by the trio, she weighed in on 9th Wonder’s brand of mentor-ship (which goes back farther than many Heads realize), how her latest collab (after he previously guested on Rapsody’s 2011 For Everything mixtape) with K-Dot came about, and the inspiration and relevance behind “Complexion.”

Alluded to in its title, “Complexion” disparate treatment among Blacks, based on skin color. Coming from a family of “all shades,” she notes that she is relatively darker than her other siblings and recalls stinging comments being made about her skin even when she was still very young. She’s gotten over it as she has matured, but explains the issue is still pertinent.

“I’ve got a five year-old niece, and about a year ago when she was four, I’d take her to go get Barbie Dolls and she’d be like, ‘I don’t want the Black one, that’s ugly.’ And yo, that’s when I was like, ‘I don’t want her to ever feel like that,'” Rapsody says. “You don’t wanna take that innocence away from a child where they’re that young and they’re noticing it already. It’s definitely been going on since slavery, you know, it’s carrying on, so you know, we gotta find some way to break it.”

In this interview, Rapsody discusses the new attention her art is receiving. 2014’s Beauty And The Beast was a game-changer for the Kooley High alum, and now has a special iTunes revamped re-release. With its fresh perspectives, the mixtape-turned-retail EP is still a touchstone for fans to see Rap’s compelling messages, her dazzling flows, and greater inspirations at play in her work.

With that, Rapsody shares that she is re-releasing a deluxe version of her Beauty And The Beast EP. Rap’ announces that Young Guru, who produced a new song on the EP, has filled the role of Director of Operations at Jamla Records, 9th Wonder’s label to which she is signed.

After the interview, Rapsody proves to be a beast in her own right, as she delivers a freestyle that leaves Ebro, Laura and Rosenberg blushing. More than that, take a listen to her ability to stuff the moment with social substance. Check it out on its own:

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