Nick Cannon’s Signee Got In With DJ Premier. The Results May Surprise You (Video)

For the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s, one of the great ways to introduce—or really break an artist is to get him or her in the lab with DJ Premier. From Nas and The Notorious B.I.G. to Macy Gray and Limp Bizkit.

One person who knows this is entertainment mogul Nick Cannon. A rapper in his own right, Nick is out to help other careers along—particularly his fellow San Diego, California native Ryan Bowers. The young MC may be a newcomer to many—certainly challenging the traditional molds of an MC’s style or persona. However, if anybody knows that such stereotypes are just that, it’s Preem.

“The Premier” takes a recent song made by Ryan and Works Of Mart, and shows the 6-1-9 at play, from long-boarding and bikinis to drinking under the overpass, this is clearly something different. In presenting himself, Ryan is humorous and honest, with lots of self-deprecation. The MC touches on his youth to his lack of a love-life, the skepticism that he may get off of his Nick cosign and even his original look. What may be more important, however, is the locked-in flow from the rapper. No matter the tone of the moment, he doesn’t waver, not unlike some of the great artists DJ Premier has put on before. With Preemo all in the video, this is a full production, and you know it’s real.

Think Ryan Bowers has what it takes to make his own unique mark?

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