Tech N9ne & Eminem Break Down Their New Collaboration On Sway In The Morning (Video)

People are still reacting to the new Tech N9ne single, “Speedom (Worldwide Choppers 2)” featuring Eminem & Krizz Kaliko. Tech N9ne was just on Sway in the Morning a few days ago to talk about his upcoming album, Special Effects, and he returned to the show on April 20 to premier the new single. Not only did Tech talk about the long-awaited collaboration, Eminem also joined them on the phone.

They start the interview off discussing the timing of the collaboration, how both Tech N9ne and Em have kept busy over the years since each appeared on Sway & Tech’s “The Anthem,” and how the stars seemed to align for this reunion. They then break down the process of making the track, how Tech first came up with the idea to make a tribute to Richie Havens by reinterpreting “Freedom,” and how he felt Eminem would fit perfectly over the beat (produced by Seven)(3:45). Tech and Em both go into detail about their writing process for songs, treating rhyming words like jigsaw puzzles (5:20).

After premiering the collabo for the first time, Sway gets Eminem and Tech N9ne talking about Hip-Hop, generally. Tech discusses how different artists are good at different things and that he wants to inspire the next great artist (11:20). Eminem talks about competing with artists on collaborations and staying informed about current Hip-Hop (13:45).

Sway plays the song a second time, and then they wrap up the interview by talking about Tech N9ne’s Special Effects album, which will be released on May 4. Eminem also speaks briefly about working with James Franco during his cameo on The Interview (16:30). They hint at a potential music video for “Speedom (WWC2),” but have no certain plans at this point. Check out the entire interview below:

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