The Knux Encounter A Mirage In Their Late Night Journey (Video)

On their upcoming album Eleven (April 28), The Knux duo consisting of members Kentrell “Krispy” Lindsey and Alvin “Joey” Lindsey, have released their first video for the album on their track “Mirage.”

The Brothers Lindsey made quite the entrance into the Hip-Hop scene with their electric Rock elements and flashy word play in songs such as “Cappuccino” and “Razorblade” and are usually compared to artist Kid Cudi who was also featured on the brothers track “Run.” Both musicians, MCs, and producers, the multi-talented duo have a rapidly growing fan base for music lovers who enjoy their “genre-bending” sound and will continue to take the scene by storm in the years to come.

The “Mirage” semi-NSFW video takes us on Krispy’s late night “booty-call” where he arrives to a girls Los Angeles apartment and the two share a few drinks and indulge in substances to later end up in bed with each other. The song has a catchy hook in which they elaborate on how often it happens that interested lovers often get fooled by one another who aren’t always who they appear to be and advise men to be cautious that “seeing ain’t believing.”

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