Watch Scarface Perform A Different Verse Over His Classic Gang Starr Collaboration (Video)

One of the standouts on Gang Starr’s classic album Moment of Truth was “Betrayal.” The song featured a dark and moody track that evoked poignant performances from both Guru and featured guest MC, Scarface. The 1998 song would be the first time Face worked with Preemo.

Seventeen years later, when Scarface visited Shade 45’s Toca Tuesday show, DJ Tony Touch cued up that track for a freestyle, and Face laid a completely new set of vocals, using his verse from his song “Look Me In My Eyes” from his album The Last of a Dying Breed. As with his original performance on “Betrayal,” Face concocts a deep and introspective verse, this time turning the pen on himself. Check out the video.

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