Bilal Portrays A Modern Day Healer In His Charged New Visual (Video)

Since the release of his debut 1st Born Second, Bilal garnered acclaim as a Soul singer. The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native’s compelling lyrics and beautifully crafted instrumentation, along with his infectious vocal range has made him a consistent crooner. Heads have seen the personal and societal themes of his 2010 LP, Airtight’s Revenge. In 2012, the feelings of cultivating romance lies within the multidimensional tracks of his third album, A Love Surreal. On his most recent single, “Satellites,” Heads see Bilal reverting towards a conscious effort from his introspective lyrics. The video obrings out different social problems in the most, current way possible.

The Neo-Soul movement alum portrays a modern day miracle worker throughout the nearly five-minute visual. The first scene shows Bilal placing his hands on an ATM dispensing money for a  battered woman in need. The singer walks around, and views the issues the world is facing from a distance, almost like a satellite. Bilal then consoles another woman with mental issues. Police officers on patrol are suspicious of this activity, and go on to question The Healer. The last minute of the video ends with Bilal being killed by a choke hold from an officer, a clear reference to the ongoing police brutality issues. A snippet of another song called “Lunatic” is blasting in the back behind the mayhem. The moment ends with: “Black Lives Matter.”

These two songs will be featured on his new, upcoming album Another Life (June 30). Entirely produced by PRhyme member Adrian Younge, Bilal’s forth effort features Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T, and New Zealand artist Kimbra. The artwork is below:


“Sirens II”
“Star Now”
“Open up the Door”
“I Really Don’t Care”
“Pleasure Toy ft. Big K.R.I.T.”
“Money Over Lover” ft. Kendrick Lamar
“Love Child”
“Holding It Back” ft. Kimbra
“Bury Me Next to You”

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