Can An MC Be Considered The Greatest of All-Time After 5 Years? This Short Film Says YES (Video)

“Can it be that it was all so simple then?” The nostalgia effect is a strong one in Hip-Hop, and causes us not only to look back with optimistic revision, but also, at times, prevents us from embracing the greatness of late. It is not uncommon to hear someone argue that “there are no classic albums in the last 10 years.” While classics take time to reveal themselves, greatness requires no delay to be acknowledged. But, is it possible for an artist who’s been on the scene for five years or less to be considered the greatest of all-time?

The reflexive answer is “no,” but if we take an unbiased look at history, most Heads have declared an MC with 5 years of catalog under his or her belt as the GOAT–Rakim in ’92, Biggie in ’99, Eminem in 2004…Part 2 of our Finding The GOAT documentary explores the rose-colored glasses through which we look at the past, and why they sometimes inhibit our ability to enjoy present-day excellence.

We yearn for the days of yore, but the reality is “the good old days” never left. The “Golden Age of Hip-Hop” is 1978-present.

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