Canibus’ Career Is Mysterious. So Let Him Tell All In “Audiobiography” (Audio)

It’s been almost two decades since rapper Canibus arrived on the scene with his 1998 debut, Can-I-Bus. After quite a few label changes, controversial songs and interviews, and changes in direction, the Jamaican-American emcee has released an album with Wu-Tang affiliate Bronze Nazareth called Time Flys, Life Dies… Phoenix Rise.  

With guest appearances from the likes of Pete Rock, Raekwon, and Killah Priest, the RBC Records album has already gained notice, and may be remembered as one of ‘Bis’ better independent looks of the last decade.

With much of the album’s content addressing the apocalyptic state of man, “Audiobiography, Part 1” takes a step from darker themes. The opening dialogue starts with a late ’90s/early 2000s recording of Jay Z on “The Howard Stern Show.” A caller on the show asked Hov if Canibus was getting overlooked. After the would-be superstar gives credit to Canibus’ integrity, the track begins.

For nearly eight minutes, ‘Bis manically spits about his years in the record business. The first part of his “Audiobiography” told a story about meeting Bill Gates and (Seattle Seahawks/Portland Trail Blazers owner) Paul Allen. Canibus recalls the time when Mike Tyson invited the Refugee Camp All-Stars affiliate into his home. Canibus then goes on to spit about his time with producer DJ Clark Kent, and the late Big Pun. At the end of his showcasing tirade, the ending dialogue is of ‘Bis talking to Howard Stern about how Can-I-Bus was gold certified at the the time. That’s recognition (to the first caller’s point), after all…

Although his career may not have gone as late ’90s Heads speculated, do you feel that same “integrity” Jay Z spoke of is true of Canibus today?

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