Chris Rivers’ Latest Visual Examines The Battle for Greatness (Video)

As Heads may know, New York MC Chris Rivers is an avid boxer and is just as passionate about the sport as he is about his music. He participated in the 2014 Golden Gloves and has a goal of becoming heavyweight boxing champion of the world someday.

The visual for “Killa” pays tribute to the history-making bout that took place this past weekend. The primary setting of the vid is a New York boxing gym and even features some shots of the rhyming pugilist going toe-to-toe with an opponent in the ring. Though there’s no indication of which champion he was rooting for last night, one thing is for certain: You don’t want to knuckle up with Chris Rivers, lyrically.

The song “Killa” is a single from his latest mixtape Wonderland of Misery 2 which has appearances from Action Bronson, Styles P, Cory Gunz as well as other lyrical heavyweights.

Peep the video and see how “Baby Pun” artfully combines the two things he loves most:

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