If Eminem’s Stan Was a Movie About Drake, It Would Look Like This (Video)

Writer and director Christopher Cole has put together an ironic and deeply satirical short film about a man’s obsession with Drake. The clip, titled If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, simultaneously extols the Young Money MC’s virtues as an artist, while making sly puns of his lyrics and song and album titles. It also manages to send up both Drake’s fans and his detractors, at the same time, using a fast-paced unemotional delivery to state facts that turn on themselves after a beat.

In many ways, the short plays with the same dark humor embedded in Eminem’s classic “Stan.” It even goes so far as to show the lead character going through an existential crisis immediately when Drake’s music stops, only to be saved by a backup iPod for such dire emergencies. Whether you’re a Drake fan or a Drake hater, the film ultimately shows it’s not that serious…Check it out.

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