Jedi Mind Tricks & Eamon Call Out The Frauds In Their Lives (Video)

Vinnie Paz and Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind have come together to craft a new Jedi Mind Tricks album, The Thief And The Fallen, set to hit stores on June 2, 2015, on Enemy Soil. They’ve released a music video for a new single off the album called “Fraudulent Cloth,” featuring vocals from Eamon.

The video shows Vinnie Paz and Eamon performing with a live band on a Philadelphia rooftop, with the city skyline in the background. The inclusion of a live band is indicative of Stoupe’s return to the group, as his production style can often be recreated with live instruments. The song itself has Vinnie rapping about trying to make a one-sided friendship work, with Eamon’s vocals bringing emotion to the chorus. Check out the video below:

Former JMT member Jus Allah has repeatedly taken to Twitter to bash any new releases from Jedi Mind Tricks or Army of the Pharaohs. Could this song be Vinnie venting his frustrations with Jus?

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