Murs & King Fantastic Make That Gangsta Rap For Your Mental (Audio)

Murs’ ninth studio solo album, Have A Nice Life is in stores next week (May 18). The Living Legends alum furthers his relationship with Tech N9ne and Strange Music, following collaborative works with ¬°Mayday! in the last several years.

Now a father, husband, and a label leader (Label 316), Murs still knows how to touch upon the riotous Los Angeles, California of his youth. “Two Step” is hardly a Dance track, despite its charged tempo and upbeat presentation. Instead, Murray teams with fellow L.A. natives King Fantastic, who share his penchant for XXX film stars in videos, and dense lyricism. This song’s lyrics are menacing, telling the new generation the G-code the previous generation had to abide by, and how the crazy SoCal culture influenced these MCs all the years later.

The line between the MCs’ own story and that of others is blurred, but either way, they mean it as they rhyme it.

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