Sheek Louch Celebrates His Favorite MCs and Schools Rappers Who Don’t Know Their History (Audio)

Even though he’s a 20-year Hip-Hop veteran, Sheek Louch is not above paying homage to those who came before him. He’s also tired of rappers, who don’t know their history, jumping on 90s beats…

On his latest release, Sheek takes a trip down “Memory Lane” celebrating the pioneers who influenced him and inspired his love for Hip-Hip. He name-checks several legends, including Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte, Audio Two, Special Ed, Run-DMC and Rakim. Though the song shares the title of Nas’ Illmatic classic, it is not a re-tread of that beat. Instead, it’s a new track with a sound that’s a throwback to the days on which Sheek reminisces. Check it out.

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