Beanie Sigel’s Latest Verse Since Surviving A Shooting Shows the Broad Street Bully is Back (Audio)

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Just six months after a near-fatal shooting in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Beanie Sigel is showing signs of a full recovery. Not only is Dwight Grant the man taking stages, reuniting with his mentor and group, and looking healthy, the “Broad Street Bully” persona is back to boot.

Teaming with New York City’s Kartel Gang, B. Sig’ plays clean-up on a song that certainly feels inspired by the late ’90s, early 2000s Roc-A-Fella Records Cristal-poppin’ sound. However, underneath the beat is that grit, which B-Mack certainly delivers, alongside relative newcomers King Bo and Russ Blade. Although his voice is a little lighter than Heads may remember, the content has not bent one single bit. Put your skully on, your Dickies, and take heed from one of Rap’s most guttural vantage points of the last 15 years. To make the moment all the more authentic, notorious interlude loud-mouth Pain In Da Ass (another early Roc alum) waxes his magic on the moment:

This is believed to be Beans’ second releasing verse of 2015, following appearance alongside Bronx MC Daytona (f/k/a The Kid Daytona) & Harry Fraud’s M.I.N.K.S. tape.

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