CZARFACE & A Self-Help Guru Aim To Improve YOUR Life Through Hip-Hop (Video)

It’s been nearly two years since Inspectah Deck officially announced that a second CZARFACE album was in the works. Ramping up for this month’s release, Esoteric participated in a hilarious parody of a late night TV paid program. CZARFACE’s Eso’ sits down with infomercial entrepreneur and author Michael Alden for a special TV slot dedicated to promoting the second-coming of Hip-Hop’s cartoon savior.

With his phone in his hands hand and assurance in his eyes, Esoteric promises viewers that after listening to Every Hero Needs A Villain, they will reap a long list of extraordinary benefits, including immense wealth, instant healing of all ailments, and the heightening of their natural human abilities. Even after listening to one track, he guarantees, consumers will have the ability to knock down walls like a superhero. Adding to the (perhaps, unintentional) hilarity of the situation is the fact that Alden seems to know little about 7L & Esoteric or the Rebel INS, calling the renowned Hip-Hop veteran a “local sensation,” mispronouncing GZA’s name, and repeatedly referring to his own backers as “Caesar Face.”

Though Heads will have to wait and see whether the other miraculous rewards that come with Every Hero Needs A Villain are true or not, a sensational list of featured MCs was revealed amidst the 12 minutes of informative banter: MF DOOM, Method Man,, GZA, Mayhem Lauren, Large Professor, R.A. the Rugged Man and Juju of the Beatnuts.

Peep the full promo and dial in. There’s a money back guarantee, so what have you got to lose?