Dizzy Wright Is Making Real Message Music…But Where’s The Love? (Video)

Dizzy Wright’s The Growing Process is quite quietly, one of the most substantial Rap albums of 2015. A Top 50 debut on the charts, the Las Vegas, Nevada MC showed multiple facets of himself on his sophomore Funk Volume full-length. “Higher Learning” showcases Dizzy’s strengths as an evocative songwriter, with a grabbing story.

In the moment, Dizzy raps about rising through Rap’s ranks, and faced with fickle fans and comment section drama. The MC wants recognition for exactly the type of songs this is—message music, when his smoke-driven records are touted and crowned with much greater fan-base. The song is autobiographical, extremely self-aware, and skillfully presented.

Keeping in line with the education theme, the video shows Dizzy walking the schoolyard, writing in a composition book, the blackboard, and the steps. The drama is strong, much-like this Growing Process standout.

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