DJ QBert Massacres A Stack Of ’60s & ’70s Rare Groove Breaks (Mix)

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DJ QBert is still on one. The longtime title-winning DJ follows up his April Hard Boiled Scrambled mix with a part two (joined by “DJ Rockit Rooster”). The Invizibl Skratch Piklz co-founder stays in the Rare Groove format, but seems to step a bit more into the ’70s/formative Hip-Hop sound. There, he finds the ill drums, the groovy organs, and the headiest vibes to run back-and-forth under his turntables’ stylii, shredding like only he can.

Even casual Heads will hear some sounds familiar to them from commercials, film, and Hip-Hop samples. QBert keeps the pace high, the cuts crisp, and the crates deep. One can hear the psychedelic influence of a Bay area kid, who liked Soul, Funk, Disco, and Rock & Roll at once—and even some splashes of Country/Western in this one.

If you want something high-energy and dynamic at the gym, this may be your ticket—and you can melt your mind and your ears in the process.

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