Even a Kid in the Hall Knows Naledge is Power (Album Stream)

In 2006, Kidz in the Hall took the underground Hip-Hop circuit by storm with their album School Was My Hustle. As one of the last albums released on Rawkus Records, the LP had all the characteristics associated with the iconic label–thoughtful lyrics, complex beats and a vibe that harkened back to the heydays of 90s Hip-Hop. Shortly thereafter, the Kidz, consisting of MC Naledge and DJ/Producer Double-O, would move on to Duck Down Records, garnering an MTV digital series in the process, and their sound would continue to evolve. Over the next few years, they would explore everything from EDM to Trap, not trend-chasing, but remaining true to their artistic muse. Now, nine years after his debut with Double-O, Naledge has released his first full solo album.

Naledge is Power plays like the MC’s graduate thesis where he’s synthesized all his learnings over the past decade and shape them into his own statement about music in the world. The album offers a diverse array of songs, ranging from throwback (“Power”) to Chillout (“3am”) to Drill (“No Fu Fu”). Naledge’s intelligent voice and perspective on the world around him, particularly the turmoil of his hometown Chicago, are prevalent throughout.


Click here to buy Naledge is Power. The album is courtesy of The Braniac Project, and all proceeds will go to the maintenance of the organization’s community efforts working with at-risk youth in and around the Chicagoland-area.

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