Good Interview, Mad Questions. This 60-Second Kendrick Lamar Q&A is All Right (Video)

In a new mini-interview with Vevo, Kendrick Lamar managed to answer 14 questions in just 60 seconds. The MC, who just celebrated his 28th birthday, responds to the quotidian (“what was the first thing you did this morning?”) to the philosophical (“who are you speaking to on ‘Ain’t Gotta Lie’?”) while maintaining a composure that’s cooler than a polar bear’s toenails. Other topics touched upon include the alphabet, cartoons, Rick James, Taylor Swift, underwear and more.

Considering all K-Dot has on his plate, it’s pretty amazing he had even 60 seconds to spare. His Taylor Swift collaboration has him at the top of a handful of charts, which has led To Pimp a Butterfly to experience an uptick in its already chart-topping popularity. Check out the lighthearted yet generously informational interview below.