Kendrick Lamar Watches Vintage Tupac Shakur Footage & Reacts Powerfully (Video)

Long before To Pimp A Butterfly, comparisons have been made between Kendrick Lamar and Tupac Shakur. Both MCs promote sensitivity, amidst surroundings and times where that is most certainly not the norm. Each poet is fiercely competitive, and not above throwing his weight around in the Rap community, albeit for differing reasons, and in different lights. Both artists, at the pinnacle of their fame, often are found secluded, separated from their fans—at a time when many pop stars are expected to be accessible, constantly engaged.

France’s Konbini recently handed Kendrick Lamar an iPad, loaded with some potent interview segments with Tupac, spanning the late 1980s until just days before his 1996 murder. Posthumous Greatest Hits smash single “Changes” is also included. Kendrick reacts, on camera, and draws parallels from what ‘Pac was saying then, to how he feels now. Racism, gang-banging, government, love, relationships, and God.

Along the way, Kendrick explains the role of food-stamps in his family. He discusses the complicated, evolving relationship with neighborhood “enemies” from just several blocks from where he grew up. He explains how what he looks for in a female partner has changed with time, much like ‘Pac’s.

Truly, this is as real of an interview with Kendrick Lamar as Heads have gotten in 2015, and one remarkably refreshing concept:

Are the similarities between Kendrick Lamar and Tupac growing in your eyes?

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