Happy Birthday Tupac. Watch One of His Earliest TV Interviews (Video)

Happy birthday to Tupac, who would have been 44 years old today. To celebrate his life, here’s a look back at one of his earliest TV interviews.

Shortly after the release of his film Juice, Pac paid a visit to the set of BET‘s Video LP. He discusses his complexity as a human being, citing his Gemini-nature as a part of that. When asked if he had any role models when growing up, he named several, including Assata Shakur, Fred Hampton, Harriet Tubman and his mother. He also said that rather than a role model, he was a “real model.” He emphasized that he does good things and bad things and is authentic, rather than playing a role.

Shortly thereafter, a fan calls in and asks what inspired Tupac to make the song and video for “Brenda’s Got a Baby.” Pac cites the real-life story of a girl who abandoned her baby, saying it was a much more important story than Juice that did not get the coverage it should have. The song and video were his way of calling attention to an important issue.

Later in the conversation, Pac discusses his role as Bishop in Juice and details the comparisons and contrasts between himself and the character he portrayed. While he says he is not Bishop, he describes how, had certain things not been present in his life, like role models, he could have become like the character.

Tupac also talks about his album, 2Pacalypse Now, artists whose authenticity he questions, shady music business practices and a lawsuit he has against the Oakland Police Department. This is an 11-minute look inside the mind of one of Hip-Hop’s most enigmatic and charismatic icons.

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