Mass Appeal: This Gang Starr Mini-Documentary Is A Must Watch (Video)

Here’s an amazing documentary detailing the history of Gang Starr. Though the film is ostensibly about the making of their hit song “Mass Appeal,” from Hard to Earn, it begins with the stories of Guru and DJ Premier even before they met and chronicles the story of the duo’s rise, up to the release of their most popular classic.

The documentary is the latest in Complex’s stellar Magnum Opus series, which tells the stories behind the making of several landmark Hip-Hop songs, such as Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day,” Special Ed’s “I Got It Made,” Common’s “The Light” and many more. The Gang Starr edition includes interviews with Jadakiss, journalist Chairman Mao, Patrick Moxey (the group’s manager at the time), Gang Starr-affiliate Big Shug and, of course, DJ Premier.

This is a must watch for any fan of Gang Starr and Hip-Hop history, generally.

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