Obey Your Thirst, And Some Nas, Biggie, Drake, & Rakim Lyrics While You’re At It…

One of the first companies to respect and reflect Hip-Hop for the force that it is will be honoring the culture again. Soon, cans with lyrics by Rakim, Nas, Biggie and Drake will be in stores across the nation.

Sprite has launched a new line of limited edition products sporting the quotables for the summer. These lyrics will be printed on the newly designed cans and bottles. A press release for the campaign stated that the specific artists were picked “based on their reputation for being true to themselves through their music and advancing the culture.”


Both Drake and Nas performed at The Sprite Concert in New York City earlier this year, and have been longtime collaborators with the soft drink. Drake was also featured in a 2010 commercial for Sprite, where his hit “Forever” was used as the song in the advertisement. The 16 different products will feature verses from Drake’s “Started From The Bottom,” and his 2010 hit “Over”  among others hits. Rakim classics like “Follow The Leader,” and “Microphone Fiend” will have lyrics from both songs printed on the soda cans and bottles. Notorious B.I.G. will have the line “Lyrically, I’m supposed to represent” from his 1994 hit “One More Chance.”

sprite2 table

Nas has been partners with Sprite since his 1997 commercial hit TV screens, along with friend and rapper AZ appearing in the ad. Nas spoke highly of Sprite’s new launch of bringing the culture of Hip-Hop together with the culture of Sprite. “Legacy means everything to me. When I wrote these lyrics, I never imagined my fans would someday have the opportunity to enjoy a can of Sprite and experience my art in a totally original way.”

Here’s a look back at some of the most memorable Sprite Hip-Hop commercials.

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