Skyzoo’s “Music For My Friends” Documentary Opens Up His Circle (Video)

Now fully independent, Skyzoo’s EMPIRE-distributed Music For My Friends arrives in less than two weeks. The June 23 album through his own First Generation Rich (FGR) company includes appearances from Jadakiss, Black Thought, and Bilal, among others.

However, beyond just collabos, artwork, or titles, there is some very deep meaning behind this album and its concept. Sky’ presented some of the themes, inspirations, and facets to his third solo studio LP. Filmed on several locations that capture the Brooklyn, New Yorker’s essence, let the MC explain. Childhood, gentrification, basketball, and of course BK are all a big part of this one…

Want to sample the LP? S-K-Y’s got the snippets for you too:

Check Skyzoo as one of the announced Saturday headliners to July 8-11’s 2015 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival.

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