Snoop Says Dr. Dre “Hated” Deep Cover and Was Not Going to Release It (Video)

Michael Rapaport was the latest guest on Snoop’s GGN web series and the conversation was like no other. For the first 7 minutes, the two went deep about the night they both met Tupac. They each attended a wrap party for the film Poetic Justice and Rapaport witnessed a tense Rap battle between the two then unacquainted MCs. Pac saw Snoop enter the room with his crew and commenced to go at them on the microphone. Snoop, not one to back down, took the stage and the mic and reeled off some barbed verses of his own. After, Snoop and Pac went outside, puffed and passed, and the rest is history. The same night also brought Snoop’s first time ever smoking a blunt and his first encounters with Ice Cube and Eazy-E, both of whom he ignored due to the verbal attacks he was about to launch at them on The Chronic. That was just the start of Rapaport and Snoop’s conversation…

After some banter about LA vs NY sports, Snoop drops a few other bombs. First, he reveals that he has never performed “Lil Ghetto Boy,” before kicking some a capella bars from The Chronic classic for the first time (11:30). He then goes on to say there were certain records Dr. Dre never wanted to perform live, citing “Deep Cover,” their iconic debut as a duo, as a song that Dre “hated” and did not want to release (13:30).

Following a discussion about their mutual admiration for the cult classic movie The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, Snoop and Rapaport revisit the actor/director’s film career, touching on Beats, Rhymes & Life, the A Tribe Called Quest documentary Rapaport produced, True Romance, Higher Learning and more (17:30).

What this interview may lack in structure, it makes up in spades in knowledge dropped. Check out the video.

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