Stro & Bishop Nehru Take Aim At All Those Exploiting Hip-Hop (Video)

Stro (f/k/a Astro) and Bishop Nehru are ’90s babies, but they are clearly historians. “K.I.N.G. (Keeping Ignorant Niggas Glorified)” is a collaboration tasked with speaking on some of the pitfalls existing in the mid-2010s, especially for Black folks.

Lyrically, the two New York natives attack status symbols like sneakers, exotic cars, and jewelry. In the video, those very sneakers feature chains around the ankles, a clear reference to slavery. Upon delivering their theses, the two MCs recreate famous poses and photographs featuring Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, and Minister Louis Farrakhan. Bishop enters, picking up on Stro’s message, claiming “I’m just trying to save all of our slaves again.”

Each MC’s verse attacks reality TV, commercialism, gossip media, and stereo-type driven Rap music. With a poignant closing in the form of a Malcolm speech, do you draw correlation from what the 1960s faced and the oppressors Stro and Bishop are up against?

This is from 2014’s Computer Era.

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