There’s A Lot Of Unreleased Biggie Music Left, Says Easy Mo Bee (Video)

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Following the 1999 release of Born Again, many fans of The Notorious B.I.G. have been led to believe that the reserves of music were largely tapped. Unlike Tupac Shakur or James Yancey (J Dilla), Christopher Wallace did not record tirelessly, especially towards the end of his life. Additionally, it can be argued that Biggie Smalls was about quality over quantity.

One of B.I.G.’s closest collaborators recently gave hope that more music Heads have not heard, exists. Easy Mo Bee is the Brooklyn, New York DJ/producer responsible for many of Biggie’s earliest records, including much of Ready To Die. To Mo Bee’s recollections, there are unaccounted for tracks in the proverbial vaults.

“There’s a bunch of unreleased stuff too, that never saw the light of day [made by] Biggie [Smalls],” Easy Mo Bee told VladTV. “Maybe one day it’ll come out.” Mo Bee, who made “Going Back To Cali,” “Gimme The Loot,” and “Party & Bullshit,” among other tracks, elaborated.  “I don’t know where [certain songs] went, man, it’s gotta be in the vaults on tape somewhere, a joint called, ‘Money, Clothes and Hoes,’ just never released.”

Easy also confirmed alternate versions of “Me & My Bitch,” “Dead Wrong,” and “What You Want, Nigga.” All of these are presumed to be the original versions, or lyric variations.

Since working with Biggie, Easy Mo Bee has produced for Foxy Brown, Cormega, Mr. Cheeks, Termanology, and Emskee.

Why do you think this music has not surfaced?

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