Vic Mensa & Kanye West Make ‘Em Mad, But They Love It Though (Video)

Vic Mensa is hitting 2015’s midpoint on a whole other level from where he started. The Save Money MC/vocalist went from Kids These Days to a Roc Nation solo deal in no easy steps. He made groundbreaking music, and Rap’s elite took notice. While Jay Z inked Vic, Kanye West has worked closely with one of the most versatile voices from their mutual city of Chicago, Illinois.

“U Mad” captures the gumption of Vic Mensa’s rise—years after his journey began. With Drill influences throughout, this is fiery Rap music for the new era. The visual lives up to both artists’ reputation for strong imagery. However, elaborate it is not. Instead, flickering lights and sparklers work magic, while ‘Ye and Mensa are portrayed in a devilish light:

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